You know, I’m an asshole son.

I’m constantly bullying my parents and am constantly angry at them. I also blame them for things that are of my own doing.

But recently, I was thinking. I was just (randomly) thinking of when I was young and after a few minutes of walking down memory lane, I realized that my parents have done so much for me.

We weren’t the richest family on the block (heck, we weren’t rich at all!), but somehow my parents always managed to make feel rich in the sense that they never made me feel poor. I didn’t always get the toys or shoes and clothing that was hyped. But I always got toys and shoes and clothing. And when I really wanted something, like something that I would keep looking at every time we went to the store, they would buy it for me.

But these are just the materialistic things that they did for me. Of course, they cared for me and fed me, and all that jazz. That’s the duty of every parent. But it’s the extra stuff, like taking me on trips or buying me things that I totally forgot they did for me.

I’ve been ungrateful, I’m not going to lie. And after running down my memories, I feel bad. I feel bad that I don’t treat them the way that they should be treated. I mean, there are so many parents that are horrible to their children.  My parents are far from that. They always made time to spend with me and always made sure that I was happy.

I guess this is my way of apologizing for all the shitty things that I did.