A couple months ago I decided to cut rice out of my diet.

Rice has been a staple of my diet ever since I was born. Being Asian, I ate rice with everything, so this was a big decision for me.

But the reason why I decided to so was because I was watching this YouTube video and the guy talked about how he feels a lot healthier after he stopped eating rice. Prior to watching this video, I was feeling like crap every time I woke up. I would be groggy and fatigued all the time. So after hearing the positive effects of not eating rice, I decided to give it a try.

So I challenged myself to not eat any carbs for an entire week. All I ate were meat, fruit, and vegetables.

The first day was surprisingly easy. Actually, the entire week was pretty easy. I thought I was going to be hungry all the time or tired because I didn’t consume any carbs, but I wasn’t. I felt good. And my tummy felt full.

So since the trial was super easy, I decided to make this my permanent diet. I would eat clean during the weekday (meat, fruits, and vegetables) and eat whatever I felt like eating on the weekend.

But after a couple of weeks on this diet, I decided to add some carbs. Specifically, bread. Why? Because I really like sandwiches and it’s just easy to make and eat when I don’t feel like eating a salad.

The main point that I want to drive, however, is that this new diet has done wonders for me. I feel a lot better when I wake up and my mind is just clearer when I do. So if you’re like me before I switched up what I ate, where you feel crappy physically or mentally, I think you should try changing your diet. Maybe cut out something that is full of sugar with something that’s not. Or maybe you should try eating more fruits and vegetables instead of sweets and heavy carbs like pasta.

I really believe this will help you feel healthier.

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