In mid-2017, I started to read every day before I started doing my work.  I decided to do so because I felt like if I had accomplished that one activity and didn’t anything productive for the day, then I didn’t waste time. I also wanted to do it because I feel like reading is a good activity to do to prime your brain before doing other things.

It’s been a few months now and reading daily, I feel, has helped me with a lot of things.

I feel like it has helped me with my writing. Ever since I started to read more, my sentences seem to flow more easily than before. But this could also be because I started to write more often and more consistently as well.

I also noticed that reading more has helped me with my vocabulary and my speech. I feel like I’m using more words than before and I’m able to pull them out my brain easier when I’m talking to people.

And lastly, I think reading on a consistent basis has helped me with my critical thinking. I don’t know how exactly, but I think… now let me emphasize this part – I think- it’s because a) my brain is doing more work so it is probably getting stronger, and b) I might be subconsciously analyzing the literature that I’m reading while I’m reading it, so my analytical/critical thinking skills are improving because I’m doing it more.

Now, all of this could be B.S… bro science shit. But I do feel, for a lack of a better term, smarter. And on days that I don’t read, I feel different. I feel like my brain isn’t optimized.

But what are your thoughts on my theory? And do you read daily? If so, do you feel “smarter” when you do? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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