I recently started reading The Walking Dead, and so far, this book is awesome!

Similar to many of you, I learned about The Walking Dead from the TV series. Though I didn’t watch the show religiously, I did enjoy watching it. But the reason why I wanted to read the graphic novel was that, in all honesty, the cover looked cool and art inside the book was cool too. Yes, I judged this book by its cover and I am glad I did.

At first, I didn’t think the story was going to be as good as it is. It’s raw and very humanistic. It does a really good job at showing how humans would behave –their actions and their thoughts- if a zombie apocalypse were to go down.

For example, when someone gets mauled and killed by a pack of zombies, the writer, Robert Kirkman, does an excellent job at showing how that person’s friends and family react as they would go through a myriad of emotions. They would close off and feel anger and sadness, they would want to kill themselves, they would want to kill everything that caused their suffering, and then eventually they would feel acceptance.

Not to sound redundant, but this book is just very real (minus the zombie part obviously). There aren’t any superheroes with powers or crazy technology in this book. It’s just a group of regular people doing all they can to survive.

So if this is something you’re into, a story of humans and the (psychological and physical) struggles they face in an apocalyptic event, then I highly suggest you start reading this series.

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